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Collin K. Berke, Ph.D. is a media research analyst in public media. Professionally, he uses data and media/marketing research methods to answer questions on how to best reach and engage audiences–towards the goal of enriching lives and engaging minds with public media content and services. He is especially interested in the use and development of open-source statistical software (i.e. Rstats) to achieve this goal, and developing a broader understanding the role these tools can play in media, digital, and marketing analytics.

He has experience using different software, third-party services, and programming languages from developing several analytics projects, both in industry and academia. In regards to programming languages, he has developed projects using R, SQL, $bash, and a little bit of Python. He also has extensive experience using different analytics solutions. For data warehousing, he mostly uses database tools like Postgres and those in the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem (e.g., Google BigQuery). When it comes to automating workflows and data pipelines, he has experience implementing and working with Apache Airflow. He also has extensive experience using third-party tools and software to analyze, wrangle data, and communicate his analyses (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Excel, Google Data Studio, and R Shiny). Most of his current work is industry related.

Collin also serves as an adjunct instructor for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Southeast Community College, where he teaches courses in sports data visualization and analysis and communication specific courses. He holds a M.A. in Communication Studies from the The University of South Dakota and a Ph.D. in Media and Communication from Texas Tech University. He has also published and contributed to the publication of several academic journal articles.

Collin is a self-proclaimed news, sports, and podcast junkie. He really enjoys listening to NPR, watching PBS (especially NOVA), and indulging in college football and baseball. At times, he will write blog posts on topics he finds interesting in these areas.

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