Collin K. Berke, Ph.D.

Collin K. Berke, Ph.D.

Media Research Analyst

Nebraska Public Media

Collin K. Berke, Ph.D. is a media research analyst in public media. Professionally, he uses data, audience measurement, and marketing research methods to answer questions on how to best reach and engage audiences–towards the goal of enriching lives and engaging minds with public media content and services. He is especially interested in the use and development of open-source statistical software (i.e. Rstats) to achieve this goal, and developing a broader understanding the role these tools can play in media, digital, and marketing analytics.

Collin is a self-proclaimed news, sports, and podcast junkie. He really enjoys listening to NPR, watching PBS (especially NOVA), and indulging in college football and baseball. At times, he will write blog posts on topics he finds interesting in these areas.

Check out the Now page to see what Collin is currently reading and working on.

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  • Digital/Marketing Analytics
  • Audience Measurement
  • Media Testing
  • Rstats
  • Data engineering
  • PhD in Media and Communication, 2017

    Texas Tech University

  • MA in Communication Studies, 2013

    The University of South Dakota

  • Bachelor of Science, 2011

    The University of South Dakota